Prince William Community School Driver Education FAQs

Does Prince William Driver Education have the best program available for my teen?

I believe that to be true.  Our staff is comprised of current or former teachers who have an endorsement in drivers education.

What happens if I don't make a deposit?

If a deposit hasn't been received after 60 days of registration the account will be deleted.

Do you offer Classroom Instruction?

Prince William County Public Schools provides the driver education instruction that meets the Virginia State requirements for students to receive their driver's license. In tenth grade physical education, each high school provides a minimum of thirty-six classroom hours of driver education instruction. Parents/guardians and their student drivers are required to attend a 90-minute traffic safety program as part of the in-classroom portion of the driver education curriculum. This program requirement must be met before a student receives a Driver Eduation Certificate of Completion card (DEC-District 8 card).

What does the BTW course cost?

The Behind-the-Wheel cost is $240. To be paid in full before instruction begins.

Where do I send my payment for driver education?

Please send or bring payment to your high school driver education coordinator.  Checks should be made out to Prince William County Public Schools (please write your teen's name in the memo field of your check).

Online payment is also an option through Rycor.  Go to the PWCS web page and search student rycor.  Follow the directions to create an account.  Once payment is made the student should take the receipt to the BTW coordinator at his/her school.

What is the 90 minute parent/student presentation?

This is a program that has been implemented in PWCS to enhance communication between students, teachers, law enforcement and parents in an attempt to improve education and reduce risk for the new drivers.  It is a requirement of District 8 and must be attended before the student is eligible to receive thier classroom completion card. 

Do I have to go back to the DMV to receive the license

The road test will be given the last day of road instruction.  When the student meets all requirements then they will be given a temporary license by their road instructor.  DMV will then send a date and time for the student and parent to appear in court to receive the permanent license. 

What documents do I need to take to the DMV for my childs permit application?

Proof of Social Security Number

•Social security card

•W-2 tax form

•Income tax return from a previous year

•Payroll check or check stub

•Unexpired U.S. Military identification card

Proof of Residency

DMV will accept the following documents as proof of residency. All documents must be written in

English and show the applicant's name and the street address of his/her primary Virginia residence as it

appears on the application for license. A post office box is not acceptable.

•Payroll check or payroll stub issued by an employer within two months of the application

•Voter registration card

•U.S. Internal Revenue Service tax reporting W-2 form (not more than 18 months old)

•Bank statement (not checks) that is not more than two months old

•U.S. passport

•U.S. income tax return from the previous year

•Virginia income tax return for the previous year

•Virginia vehicle registration card or title

•Utility bills issued to applicant

•Receipt for personal property taxes or real estate taxes paid to the Commonwealth of Virginia or a

Virginia city, county, town or locality within the last year

•Current automobile or life insurance policy

•Transcript from a school, college or university in which the applicant is currently enrolled


When is my student eligible for their license?

To be eligible for a license the student must complete the following steps:

1. successful completion of classroom drivers education

2.  parent and student must attend a state mandated 90 minute presentation

3.  must be 16 years and 3 months old

4.  must hold a va. permit for a minimum of 9 months

5.  must have a minimum of 45 hours of practice driving to include a at least 15 hours of driving at night

6.  successfully complete a 14 period behiind the wheel program

When can my teen take Classroom?

In Prince William County Public Schools classroom drivers education is part of the HPE II curriculum and is offered at no additional cost.  Students must successfully complete HPE I before they take HPE II.

What is the procedure for obtaining a learners permit?

Students are eligible for a virginia drivers permit when they reach 15 years and 6 months old.  They must have proper documentation and a parent/guardian signature when applying for a permit.  After completing the application students must pass a signs test, general knowledge test and a vision test.

What if my student fails the permit test?

Students and parents should spend adequate time preparring for the permit test.  Students have three chances to pass all parts of the permit test.  If they fail the third time they will be required to take an additional 36 hour classroom course before attempting the permit test again.

When can my teen begin the Behind the Wheel portion of Driver Education?

Your teen may begin BTW once proof of classroom completion is provided or they are a Prince William County Public Schools student currently enrolled in classroom with at least 10 hours of instruction.  In addition the student must have a valid Virginia learner's permit.

How many days of instruction does the program provide?

The state regulations require 14 periods of instruction to include seven hours of driving and seven hours of observation. Instruction is provided in two-hour sessions for seven days. Currently we do not have additional driving programs to offer but are considering implementation of enhancement courses in the near future.