Behind-the-Wheel Lessons

Behind-the-wheel classes are scheduled and conveniently held at your student's school. 14-class periods approximately 2-hours in length are typically offered after school to include two students and one instructor in the vehicle.

  • Behind-the-Wheel Only (Academic Year)

    This course is available only to students at Colgan and Gar-Field High School. Students will not participate in range hours. Students will receive approximately seven hours of driving instruction and seven hours of observation. 

  • Behind-the-Wheel Range and Road (Academic Year)

    ACADEMIC YEAR behind-the-wheel course consists of 14-periods of instruction typically taught in 7 two-hour sessions during the school year. Approximately one-hour of each two-hour lesson is devoted to driving and the other hour to observation. The seven days of instruction will start with two days of range driving followed by five days of driving on the road. The seventh day of instruction also includes the student's road test. 

  • Road Test Only

    In the event a student fails the initial road test, the student will need to retake the road test before becoming eligible for a TDL-180 (temporary driver's license). 

    If in the student's assessment, a student is identified as needing to retest, the instructor will schedule the test at a later date providing the student and parent additional time to work on the needed skills. 

Behind-the-Wheel Lessons in Prince William County